New virtual gambling establishments like popular online slots 2021 – players favorite games at joe-fortunecasino appears almost monthly, and in the news feeds you can find reports about their fabulous profits. However, it is not said exactly how much money online casinos earn, because no one wants to put their income on display. If desired, you can calculate the approximate amounts that put in his pocket owners of institutions.

Statistics for online casinos

Casino income can be calculated approximately. To do this you need to know how it is formed. If you take a popular gambling establishment, on average, it is registered about 200 thousand players of different ranks and wealth. Out of them only 10%, that is 20 thousand visitors, play every day and 30% visit the institution several times a month. It can be concluded that the first group makes a minimum profit casinos. The remaining visitors provide additional income.

Criteria to sum

To understand how much an online casino in Australia earns, you should find out what costs it incurs. Items of expenditure are as follows:

  • royalties to slots producers (10%-20% of the total income from the machines);
  • Deposit/withdrawal of funds to payment systems (from 1 to 10% of the amount);
  • wages to employees;
  • taxes and social payments;
  • winnings to the players;
  • Maintenance of the site and the creation of mirrors, promotion of the institution;
  • Other expenses (royalty payments to franchise owners of the brand, payments to affiliates).

How to check out earnings

To find out how much money online casinos earn on slots, roulette and other gambling entertainment, you can based on average data. In popular establishments, the monthly deposit amount is equal to $15-20 million. After deducting the above-mentioned items of expenditure income is about 600 – 800 thousand. If the owner owns several casinos at once, his profit is more than 10 million dollars.


Many people are trying to figure out how much money online casinos make, working illegally. Most believe that the income of such institutions is incredibly high, since they do not need to pay taxes, royalties and so on. However, their profits are very modest. This is due to the fact that it is difficult for them to attract big players. They prefer to play in proven establishments. Mostly illegal casinos are visited by newcomers who have not yet figured out the field. As a result, the monthly profit of such sites is only 2-3 thousand dollars.

Of course, there are exceptions, when illegal venues manage to attract a player who will deposit a large sum of money. In this case, the institution simply ceases to function and the wretched gambler remains without money. How much profit such casinos bring is a mystery, but then the owner has to create a new site, to deal with its promotion.