Lead Acid
Pallet Trolleys

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High Performance

  • Rated capacity 1500kg, meet the needs of the majority of customers.
  • Powered by traction motor not only has good acceleration and perfect performance, but also low heat.
  • Regenerative braking for battery recovery during travel speed reduction, anti-slope on gradient.
  • All key parts such as tiller, switches, connectors, battery indicator and hour meter all adopt the famous brand.


  • Built-in charger and maintenance free gel battery, you don’t need to worry about them.
  • Integrated battery indicator, hour meter and self-diagnostic instrument.
  • Full opened hood, easy accessibility of all components, is easy for service.
  • All shafts installed lubricated shaft sleeve and oil cup, provide convenient maintenance and long service life.


  • 5-pivot design provide longer working life.
  • Imported waterproof connectors, all wires and cables are protected, greatly improve the reliability of the electric system.
  • Top quality hydraulic power unit applied to provide low noise, low vibration, smooth lifting and landing reliable operation.
  • Punch formed forks to provide more strength and tip guide to provide higher ecient operation.
  • Using non-contact proximity switch, improves safety and reliability.