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Lithium Advancement

  • The Y2 ( Enpower controller) series uses 80V voltage system, both the traction and oil pump use permanent magnet synchronous motors, which have high efficiency, strong power and low energy consumption.
  • The controller, oil tank and pump motor are all placed at the front to enable small pipeline length and less energy loss.
  • The high-frequency MOSFET integrated controller ensures smooth and accurate traveling and lifting control, and has excellent speed regulation performance, good performance of electronic control matching the motor, functions of regenerative braking, reverse braking and anti-sliding on ramps, etc., and high safety and reliability.
  • WS Series Lithium Ion electric pallet trolley
  • 1500kg load capacity@600mm load centres
  • 48V Lithium Battery with three hour operating cycle
  • Recharge via 240V 10amp charger in less than 2 hours
  • Battery weighs only 5kg and can be swapped with a 2nd battery to give continuous operation
  • Takes only 1 minute to change-over the battery